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Week 1 of Top 10

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Week 1 of Top 10 Empty Week 1 of Top 10

Post by Jimmy Jay Iommi Blackmore on Mon Dec 05, 2011 12:00 pm

1.Cal (5meodmt)
2.Joel (Joel2k11)
3.Roy (Womanizer)
4.Dale (ccCevolution)
5.Josh (Sumai)
6.Carl ([T]uga[L]ord)
7.Richard (GokuLowClass)
8.Daniel (Shunpo)
9.Alex (f4stt4g)
10.Glenn (iDusk)
Fights taken place:
Goku vs Sumai, Sumai successfully defended his spot...16-15.
Sumai vs Carl, Sumai successfully defeated and took his spot...17-13.

Glenn vs Alex , not taken place as unfortunate events took place.

Let it be true in your heart that there is an almighty pioneer of this universe.

Create the SOMA within.

Week 1 of Top 10 Zoso11
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