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Rules and Basic information

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Rules and Basic information Empty Rules and Basic information

Post by [A]ncient on Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:40 pm

General Information

The "boss" of the roleplay is the creator,usually called DM (Dungeon Master), GM (GameMaster), or moderator. They have created the rules, forum, and (possibly) the scenario. If you don't like their rules, then you may have to leave. Their job is primarily to make sure that the role-play carries on and changes. Some are more hands on, others like to get the group to be creative.

There are many different types of role-plays of many different genres. If you dislike one, you may find another you like better. Make sure what you write goes along with the type of role-play you're doing. Don't for instance write about casting magic in a 'future-tech/high-tech' role-play.

In order to maintain a more enjoyable atmosphere, remember to treat others with respect. You will be treated with respect in return. Ex. Never curse someone out; it gets you nowhere.

Remember that you can only control your character (not those of others), unless you have the other person's permission. People are likely to be annoyed if you control their characters without warning...this includes their Non Playable Characters (NPC's).

In roleplaying, many people enjoy the "skirt" rule. "Long enough to cover the essentials, short enough to be interesting." This will mean what it does, but it usually means three or four sentences that give your fellow roleplayers what they need to know to respond while keeping it short and sweet. In respect to the skirt rule you do not need to have a huge block of text if your character is doing something that can be described in two or three sentences(EX:Your character is in a fight, or in a relatively fast past conversion)

In literate to semi-lit roleplays, length can be an issue. Many advanced roleplayers expect several paragraphs. If they are the GM (Game Manager), the person who made or is in charge of the roleplay, then, again, discuss it politely or leave if you can't write that much.

Have a way that you can contact with your other roleplayer(s) on a regular basis. This varies for different people, so discuss it before you begin the roleplay if you think it might become an issue.

It is considered good taste to notify the GM of the roleplay when you won't be able or willing to contribute to their roleplay for a while.


1. Never God-Mod:
God-modding can refer to many things, for example: being immortal (never gets hurt or killed, dodges every blow), or taking control of another person's character. Usually it is a power or point of character that unbalances the role-play.

2. Never power-play:
No one likes to role-play with someone who is in one place, then is mystically in another without moving, or has actions completed that they have not included in their post. Power-playing is also used to describe the action of controlling, injuring, killing, or otherwise manipulating another character without the player's consent, such as shooting or tripping a character. It assumes that the character's fate is yours to control, and is one of the most impolite things you can do in role-play.

3. Be active:
No one likes someone who makes two or three posts and doesn't post forever. If you have to go on a trip, have a job or something, then inform your fellow role-players so they don't sit on their butts waiting for you all day. Also, if you don't like how a role-play is going, work it out with the people you're role-playing with, instead of just leaving.

4. Avoid being a cliché:
Another thing to avoid is creating a Mary Sue/Marty Stu. You do not want your character to be 'cliché' or unoriginal. A character who is too perfect, too powerful, without weaknesses or overburdened by a tragic past may be seen as a Mary Sue if these elements are not very well thought through or considered. is a good source for consideration- this website provides a test to help one determine how original and creative a character is, compared to common Mary Sue traits.

5. How to fight:
If wanting to fight in role-play* You have to ask! People don't like things like this out of the blue *Comes out from shadows with a sword and slashes off your arm*. You got to ask first "Out Of Character:Can we fight?"

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