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JM Peddle or Run?

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Re: JM Peddle or Run?

Post by [D]ark[YIN] on Wed Mar 20, 2013 3:06 am

So: peddle = leave tip range while slashing.... ok ok ok...

sumai/restyler combo technique: forward bf: turn 180 : hold w: turn 180 and slash....

I just wonder although W how it's not peddle if it's repeated so many times a round. Disregarding that: I've noticed so many EUs in fgunz spam jmrandom like it's godsent.

Front bf while someones approaching. Find out you missed. Turn 45 degrees. Hold S. dbf.(I call it tier 9 danny combo) How is that not backpeddle?

I think people should just stop praising this move cuz when I spammed it back in march it didn't make me any better lol I died the same way as when I made front BFs one after the other and apart from that people should just start praising W and approaching because if you look at huy/pinkpikachu's maneuvering he did drift dbf or EU terminology: jmrandom pretty much correctly.

Now, I don't QQ cuz I know how to beat it but cheap/easystreet tactics have their limitations compared to pure skill. Someone who can just force it a notch higher than you will beat you if you limit yourself to such approaching. After that point it's just who outpeddles who which makes up a monk style fight in the long run.

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