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League of Legends: Push every 5 minutes challenge

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League of Legends: Push every 5 minutes challenge

Post by Asunyan on Wed May 11, 2011 12:08 pm

Team ñehr Gaming attempt to recreate a Funday Monday theme by Day[9] in League of Legends, where they had to push a tower every 5 minutes regardless of situation (except for when dead). Recorded in Richielol's point of view, and he messed up the settings so failed to record his own voice.

ñehr Baby Squid
ñehr Edea
ñehr oRaNgE
Want to try the challenge? Post a video response!


You must push a tower every 5 minutes and shout a battle cry on the all chat to warn your enemies beforehand.

When pushing, you must push until either you die or the turret dies.

You are not allowed to attack turrets except for at every 5 minute mark.

If you manage to destroy a turret, you may continue on to attack the next until one minute after the 5 minute interval. e.g. if you destroy the turret in your second push at 10:23, you can attack the next turret as well, until the 11 minute mark.

You may retreat after you kill a turret.

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